List of Fragrances

BAE Conscious Cologne offers 40+ luscious cruelty free fragrances including a dedicated collection of high-end masculine colognes as well as a 100% natural aromatherapy collection. 

BAE's fragrances are blends of essential oils and fragrance oils (with the exception of the Aromatherapy Collection which are 100% essential oils only)
All fragrance oils are safe, non toxic and phthalate free and strictly conform to standards set out by IFRA

List of Perfumes:

Designer Masculine Fragrance

ANIMUS: Raw, sensual and exuding animalistic masculinity - NEW
BOHDI:  Masculine, earthy with a classic elegant scent
FEROCE: A classic, masculine fragrance with high-end sex appeal (Previously  Roar)
HEY BOI: Rich notes of citrus with woody, herbaceous undertones
JJ: Rich explosion of Italian Bergamot and Wild Patchouli - NEW
MUSE: Blends of woody and sweet notes mixed with a hint of spice (Previously Earthling Ed)
SUBLIME: Upscale and unique with bursts of spice and wood - NEW
VICE: Elegant and refined exuding masculinity, bursts of citrus and spice - NEW
WOLF: Subtly masculine with refined spice with a hint of sweetness (Previously Lone Wolf)

Floral Fragrance

CHERRY BLOSSOM: Oriental floral and feminine
GEISHA: Oriental cherry blossom blends with the subtle spice of cardamom 
HONEYSUCKLE: Feminine light summertime floral
MAGNOLIA: A traditional feminine floral
VIBEZ: A unique, high end bouquet of feminine floral - NEW

Earthy Fragrance

EARTH ROSE: Modern rose scent with a hint of sandalwood
EMBERS: A rustic blend of birch, cedar & sandalwood creating warm earthy spice - NEW
GREEN: Sharp, woody and arid with hints of tobacco and oak moss - NEW
LOTUS: Exuding the exotic essence of the East, dark, heady and sensual - NEW
SAFFRON: A masterful blend, warm, exotic and spicy - NEW
SHAKA: Earthy yet oriental with a mix of sensual flowers with earthy amber - NEW
WHITE PATCHOULI: Delicate, subtle and earthy - NEW

Marine Fragrance

BERGAMOT: Light, citrusy and uplifting yet with a marine essence
BOSI B: Sweet & salty marine notes
SEA MIST: A crisp, ocean aroma capturing the essence of the sea - NEW

Feminine Designer Fragrance

ARIEL: Very feminine with a tapestry of floral and a hint of musk - NEW
BLING: Light floral with infused with a hint of vanilla and amber
BOO: Soft, feminine and powdery
DAISY: A feminine, sensual earthy floral with hints of vanilla
DXLLY: An alluring floral symphony with subtle earthy undertones - NEW
GOA: Very sensual and feminine with a shock of earthy spice - NEW
GODDESS: Bright melon and mandarin mixed with orange blossoms and rose
HALO: Very feminine, sweet with a dash of spice - NEW
LE FEU: Blends of citrus and subtle floral, very feminine - NEW
MINX: Seductive and rich, citrus and spice with sensual earthy undertones
PERSIAN SPICE: Earthy with Middle Eastern Spice
SASS: Feminine, sweet and absolutely oozing class. Fresh floral and fruit
SOLSTICE: Sweet, warm and alluring with blends of fruit and musk
STARSHINE: A very seductive, feminine fragrance heavy and vampish
UTOPIA: A provocative blend of green, floral and earth elements - NEW

Fruity Fragrance

ANGEL: Fruity girly and uplifting
BABY GIRL: Playful, cheeky with fruity top notes and vanilla undertones
NOELLE: zesty and fruity with a hit of earthy amber - NEW
269: Refreshing and sexy with subtle fruit and mild spice - NEW

Musky Fragrance

AMBER MUSK: Soft and romantic with hints of Arabian spice
DARK MUSK: Smouldering oriental blend of velvety florals & tender musk - NEW
VOODOO MUSK: Sensual, hypnotic velvety notes of traditional musk 
WHITE MUSK: Uplifting and in true essence of classic white musk - NEW

Summer Fragrance

COCO: Beach summertime & suntan oil in a bottle (Previously Beach Coco)
VANILLA: A rich, traditional vanilla with a hint of caramel

Aromatherapy Fragrance (Descriptions to follow, details can be found in the individual listings)

INNER BEAUTY BLEND: Earthy & Sensual - Orange Sweet, Cedarwood Atlas, Ylang Ylang 1st Grade, Lime Cold Pressed, Neroli

PURIFY BLEND: Raw and Herbaceous - Grapefruit Pink, Rosemary, Fennel Sweet, Juniperberry, Carrot Seed

SELF LOVE BLEND: Earthy Floral - Mandarin, Lavandin Grosso, Patchouli, Vanilla C02 Extract, Rose Absolute

STRENGTH BLEND: Uplifting and peaceful - Orange Sweet, Petitgrain, Bergamot, Lemon, Rosemary, Spearmint