About BAE

About BAE Conscious Cologne:

BAE, an acronym for Beautiful. Animals. Everywhere, is an ethical Australian perfume brand created by passionate animal lovers, Natalie & Dallas. BAE Conscious Cologne is a modern, cruelty free perfume brand offering department store quality, fine designer fragrance with strong focus on socially conscious values. BAE offers 'nude' packaging to minimise waste and we work with suppliers who share our values. 

BAEs luscious vegan fragrances are certified with Choose Cruelty Free, and PETAs Beauty without Bunnies Vegan & Cruelty Free program. BAE was created for the animals. We love them. And we noticed a gap in the market for high end, vegan perfume that doesn’t come with the animal testing (or cost a small fortune). 

BAEs Mission: To provide an extensive range of department-store-quality vegan and cruelty free fragrances at an affordable price. To gain a reputation as a genuinely ethical perfume brand renowned for providing outstanding customer service, value for money, and a love for all animals and the environment. 

BAEs Vision: To connect with customers who resonate with the intention and heart behind the brand. To be a TRUSTED online source for ethical perfume, a brand who embodies the values of honesty, integrity, transparency and superior quality. To educate and reach, not just the socially conscious but those who may not be aware of the treatment of animals in respect to the beauty and cosmetic industry, and ultimately encourage a desire to trade animal tested cosmetics to cruelty free beauty brands who are genuinely committed to loving and caring for animals. 

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