Wholesale Perfume - Why Do We Not Sell to Retailers?

I sometimes receive emails regarding wholesale perfume and why we do not sell to retailers. 

When we first launched BAE, we did have a wholesale perfume price list for both physical and online retailers who wished to stock our product.

Our wholesale perfume prices were very generous. We only had a small minimum spent of $150 and, depending on the amount purchased, our wholesale discount was between 30-50% off.

When I had to close the store at the start of 2020, it was an opportunity to take a good look at how I could simplify the business and make my life easier. Co-Founder Dallas was traveling so it was just me, Nat, running the business and I realised that taking care of wholesale customers was a full-time job in itself. It was for this reason, I decided to solely be an online retail store. 

There were other reasons too. To be competitive, we offered extraordinary good discounts which, for the amount of time that went into wholesale, was not sustainable. However, most notably of all is that fact that once I sell wholesale, even though it means gaining access to customers who may not hear of our brand otherwise, I couldn't control the product the end customer would receive. 

By that, I mean a customer could end up with a product that had been sitting on the shelf or in a warehouse for months. 

Perfume doesn't tend to go off but it can change subtly over time. We purchase our fragrances only in small batches for the very reason to ensure that every customer is buying the freshest perfume possible. With all of these factors in mind, it was an easy choice to cease offering wholesale perfume for our brand. 

Now that we offer Free Shipping on all Australian orders, customers have the peace of mind knowing that it will not cost them any extra by ordering online.

The only downside to not offering wholesale perfume to retailers is that customers are unable to sample our scents in store. To help with this, we offer 2ml sample vials for $6 of all our fragrances.

Alternatively, if you love our products and have a physical store, and would like to stock a testing stand for customers to sample our scents, we are more than willing to discuss suitable compensation for your efforts.

So cruelty free friends, I hope this adequately explains why we are no longer offering our cruelty free products for wholesale perfume orders.

Thanks for supporting us to make a difference, no matter how small it may be.

For the animals,

Nat and Dal xo