What Would You Recommend For a Cheap and Chic Perfume?

Is there such a thing as a cheap and chic perfume? There are many online perfume stores, as well as giant chemist outlets, who are selling discounted designer brand perfume so there is definitely no shortage of opportunities to pick up a bottle of cheap and chic perfume.

The more important question to ask however is this: Is this cheap and chic perfume vegan and cruelty free? Is it manufactured by an ethical perfume brand who is socially conscious and genuinely cares about animals and the environment? 

It feels good to get a bargain but that feeling may be tainted if your cheap and chic perfume is tested on our animals friends!

BAE Conscious Cologne specialises in offering ethical vegan and cruelty free perfume that has chic, high end appeal. We have over 40 gorgeous fragrances including a dedicated masculine collection and an aromatherapy collection. All of BAE perfumes are phthalate free and comply with IFRA standards.

So, the next time you are seeking to purchase cheap and chic perfume, check out if it is cruelty free and kind to animal friends. 

If you wish to spoil yourself with one of BAEs gorgeous scents, our best-selling vegan perfumes include:

- Starshine
- Solstice
- Bling
- Persian Spice
- Daisy
- Bohdi

Go cruelty free and feel good knowing you are truly making a difference.
As always, thank you for supporting our cruelty free brand.

For the animals,

Nat & Dal xox