Nat & Dal And The Story of BAEs Ethical Online Perfume Store

Founders BAE Conscious Cologne - Cruelty Free Vegan Perfume


Hey I'm Dal :) 

Since founding BAE, I have stepped away to travel and experience new places. I love snowboarding, skateboarding, photography (particularly nature and animal photography), music, reading and hanging out with friends. I am finishing up my second season at Perisher and have absolutely loved it. 

Hey I'm Nat:)

With Dal travelling, I am the sole worker at BAE. I love hiking and spending time in nature. I live by the sea and have a real need to be close to the water. I enjoy yin yoga and meditation. I have a passion for mental health and understanding the human mind in order to help others when facing adversity, having faced my own and conquered. I have two senior dogs, Poochie & Shaggy who are my entire world. And of course, I love all animals :) 

The BAE Journey

BAE Conscious Cologne, which opened its online perfume store in 2018, was originally called BAE Vegan Perfume.

BAE was founded by me, Nat, and Dal, who is actually my only child. We are both passionate animals lovers who love luscious designer fragrances but did not appreciate that many designer brand perfumes test on animals. 

We started out by opening a small online perfume store with IndieMade. We did not start off at markets or the like as our goal was to reach, not just the local market, but like minded people around the world who cared about the wellbeing of animals.

As BAE Vegan Perfume grew, the decision was made to transfer the online perfume store from IndieMade to Shopify in order to offer additional payment plans like AfterPay. 

In 2020, BAE Vegan Perfume changed its name to BAE Conscious Cologne. The reason behind the name change was because we felt that our new name fully embodied our values and ethics as a whole rather than focused upon a single aspect. Not only are BAEs gorgeous perfumes vegan and cruelty free but our business practices include nude packaging, using recycled materials, and other methods to reduce the impact our business has on the environment. 

Opening an online perfume store from scratch was no easy task! At the time, I had recently discharged from the military and Dallas was undergoing year 12. Not long after launching the brand, I had a major health crisis which was an epic 2 year battle where I had to make the difficult decision of pausing the online perfume store for 6 months to focus on my health. 

Then, right before the store was due to reopen, I was diagnosed with a serious brain condition and underwent surgery. I was very fortunate. My surgery was performed by renowned neurosurgeon Prof Charlie Teo (who, side note, is also a passionate spokesperson for the welfare of animals.) In good fortune, my surgery and subsequent recovery was smooth and relatively easy. 

Other challenges we have had since launching the brand were sourcing good quality bottles, labels were a HUGE drama (to this day I still have not calculated the exact amount of money I wasted on awful labels that either smudged, didn't stick or were just downright poor quality. The thought of it makes me ill lol) , and getting the branding right. But hey, no success story is without adversity right?

I refused to give up though. There were many times where I just wanted to quit. I was so sick and so depleted and everything just seemed so damn hard! But I remember a quote from RADM McRaven that I heard years and years ago and has stuck with me since: Be your best in your darkest moments.

No doubt there have been times this year where I have been my absolute worst and failed spectacularly in putting this quote to practice, it did help me refuse to succumb to the temptation to quit.

I absolutely love what we do and what we have created. I really want people to know that when you purchase from us, our growing online perfume store, you can trust that you are supporting an ethical perfume brand who genuinely love animals and who walks their talk. We are a legitimate vegan and cruelty free brand. We are not just another business capitalising on the growing vegan movement (and by no means am I critical of any business who is doing this! The more cruelty free options of offer, the more the demand for them will grow and this is how change happens) We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service and stunning, high end cruelty free fragrance. 

Dallas and I are best friends. I had her young and I was a single mum for half of her life. The love we feel for each other is indescribable and this love we feel is what we put into what we have created together with BAE. We hope you will love our perfumes as much as we do. Oh and here are are two furry employees, Poochie and Shaggy. These little guys are into their senior years. Poochie is 14 and starting to show signs of doggy dementia (which makes me cry as it is sad to see this vibrant, robust and confident doggo become anxious and confused) and Shaggy is almost 13. What a little trooper this little guy is. In 2019 he had a massive stomach tumour removed and was not expected to live. 18 months on, he is brighter and zestier than ever :)

For the animals,

Nat and Dal xo