Our Store Is About To Reopen - Finallllllllly!!!

OMG! Finally our store will be reopening tomorrow, Saturday 31st October. Yay! There is now FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders within Australia. All day. Every day.

There will be two bottle sizes: 10ml Roller Bottle Perfume (Alcohol Based $39.95 and Oil Based $42.95)

65ml Alcohol Based Spritz Perfume $64.95 Our brand new Aromatherapy Perfume line is available in oil base only for $44.95

As previously mentioned, COVID has affected the availability of raw ingredients and some of our scents have been discontinued or reformulated.

Reformulated scents are:

Lone Wolf - now named 'Wolf' Earthling Ed - now name 'Muse' Roar - now name 'Feroce' Beach Coco - now named Coco

While the scents are still very similar to the original formulation, we chose to rename them in order to avoid misleading/disappointing customers who have previously purchased the scent and who notice the change in formula.

Discontinued scents are:

- Mango Coco - Frangipani - Lavender Citrus - Cardamom Sandalwood - Olive Blossom -Wild - Flower There are also a couple of scents that have had their names shortened:

- Persion Spice is now 'Persia' - Geisha Girl is now 'Geisha'

This is purely to make labelling easier.

On the subject of labelling, as you may know, labels have totally aged me 50 years and given me more wrinkles and grey hairs than I care for :) (I could write an entire essay on this subject and bore you to tears in the process.) So labels, we decided to go with one generic label with the provision to write the scent name on the back of the label. Being Kraft, it is unisex in nature and this is a real win as we have an entire masculine range. Further, our new labels now have 1. all the information that was previously detailed on the packaging box, visible on the back of the label (in order to eliminate the need for a box that ends up in the bin) and 2. we no longer required 40+ individual labels where the only difference in each label was the name of the scent. Given that scents can come and go due to ingredients, having one label was the perfect solution.

I was always fearful of doing this because, when we first started out, I made the mistake of trying to replicate/emulate other designer perfume brands, feeling that what they look like is what we needed to look like, rather than rocking our own unique style. But, feeling the fear and doing it anyway, we designed a label that not only is eco friendly and expresses our unique care-free style but also eliminates waste should a scent be discontinued.

Anyways, enough rambling from me!

In case you have forgotten, to receive 25% off your next order, enter the coupon OPEN25 at the time of checkout. This is valid until 31/12/20.

As always, thank you thank you thank you for your love and support!

For the animals,

Nat & Dal xo