New Perfumes! Guess What We Have Coming For You Mid 2020

Hey conscious dudes and babes, we have some absolutely gorgeous new perfumes coming your way for when we reopen mid 2020 (and pssst, you won't be disappointed!!)

While we will be culling some poor selling scents (Lavender Citrus, Frangipani and Mango Coco to name a few) we are happy to announce we will be releasing 15+ new perfumes to take their place.

We will have four new perfumes for the masculine collection, at least another four for the feminine collection, two new perfumes for the musk perfume collection and another four perfumes for our other collections.

The names of the new fragrances will be announced once we re-open the store and several samples of the new perfumes will be included in all orders received once we reopen.

On other news, the formula for our much loved Beach Coco perfume has changed due to the lack of availability for several of the ingredients in that scent. Also, our Cardamom Sandalwood has been discontinued from our supplier altogether which is really disappointing as this was a truly delightful earthy perfume.

I am excited for you to try the new perfumes we have coming as they truly are splendiferous. Oh and the other thing we will be doing when we reopen is reorganising the scents.

In the past, our perfumes were categorised as Designer Collection (reminiscent of high-end, department store scents), Artisan Collection (well-known and classic scents, usually of single origin eg, Lavender), Natural Collection (100% essential oil based) and the Masculine Collection. 

When we reopen, we will recategorise the perfumes (including the new perfumes) in their dominant scent fragrance. For example, fruity perfumes, musky perfumes, earthy perfumes, floral perfumes, feminine perfumes etc. It isn't a perfect system, but I feel it will make it easy to gain an understanding of a scent rather than it simply being classed as 'Designer' or 'Artisan'. 

Okay, well I will leave it at that for now! Thank you again for being such wonderful customers; your support of our brand is exceptionally appreciated and I am so excited to bring you our new perfumes we we finally get back online!

Big love, and always for the animals. 

Nat & Dal