Does BAE Offer Free Perfume Samples?

Who wouldn't want free perfume samples! Everyone loves a freebie and "Can I get a free perfume sample" it is a question we are often asked. 

BAE Conscious Cologne is an ethical perfume brand specialising in high end, high quality cruelty free fragrance with a distinctive high-end feel.

BAEs online perfume store offers an extensive range of vegan perfume to suit many tastes. We have an extensive selection of feminine fragrance, floral perfume, a one hundred percent natural, aromatherapy perfume range and a charismatic masculine fragrance collection.

We understand why you may hesitate to buy a full bottle of perfume that you have never tried before which is why we always recommend customer try a sample first. But are free perfume samples available?

Yes and No.

Customers can purchase a 2ml perfume sample vial for just $6.95 per scent (aromatherapy perfumes are $7.95) with FREE shipping. We understand the power of a perfume sample which is why we always include additional free perfume samples with every purchase.

Even if its a $6.95 perfume sample purchase, we always include a freebie! We love spoiling our customers so the more higher the order, the more free perfume samples we include. It truly is a win-win. So many of our customers say they love receiving a free perfume sample and more often then not it results in a sale, which is something we truly appreciate.

We love our customers and a free perfume sample with every purchase is the least we can do to show our customers how much we appreciate them. Thank you for supporting our cruelty free perfume brand.

For the animals,
Nat & Dal xo